What Is The Difference Between A Carpenter And A Builder?

This video discusses what is the difference between a Carpenter and a Builder in Australia.

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A carpenter is a qualified trades person in Australia who has completed their apprenticeship or obtained a certificate III in Carpentry through Study. A carpenter undertakes the practical work of a building project and working along with other trades to get all the practical elements of a build completed. A carpenter can work for themselves or be apart of a crew in a larger organization but is generally hands on, on the tools.

So a builder is someone who has progressed form a trades person in to managerial role. The main role of the builder is to quote, undertake and then monitor all aspects of the project until practical completion and hand over to the client. They will then be in charge of all trades people on the constructions project to make sure there work is completed to the required standard on time and with in the specified budget. To be a builder you need to have experience, be qualified, have all the required insurances and be licensed.