What’s The Difference Between A Cabinet Maker And A Carpenter

Wardrobe makers, cabinet makers and carpenters all make furniture, but there is a big difference between the three. 

  • Wardrobe makers make clothes rails and other storage units for clothing. Cabinet makers make cupboards, cabinets and other storage units for general use in the home. Carpenters make more specialised pieces of furniture, such as chairs and tables. Carpenters can make wardrobe units, but would not be able to do the more detailed work that wardrobe makers do.
  • Cabinet makers are craftsmen who generally cut and assemble pieces of furniture using hand tools. Cabinet makers may also decorate the woodwork with beautiful patterns, engravings or inlays. A cabinet maker should always own a good set of chisels, planes and other hand tools.
  • Carpenters are skilled know-how workers who work with wood to make items ranging from small tables to large wooden houses. Carpenters make flat surfaces, such as doors; they can also build framing for structures, including windows and roofs. Some carpenters are also joiners, which means they can fit different pieces of wood together to form a single, sturdy unit. A carpenter should have a good set of saws, hammers and other carpentry tools.

So, what’s the difference? 

Cabinet makers are craftsmen who use hand tools to make furniture that is both beautiful and functional. Carpenters make items like chairs and tables, and they also work on the more structural aspects of a home. If you need a wardrobe unit or cupboards, cabinet makers can help you out; if you need an entire house built from the ground up, carpenters will be able to do that too!