What Does A Cabinet Maker Do

A cabinet maker is someone who specialises in the construction of wardrobes, or built-in cupboards. They typically start by measuring the dimensions of the wardrobe space, and then designing a wardrobe that will fit the space perfectly. They may also be called upon to build custom furniture, such as beds and side tables.

Wardrobe makers use a variety of woodworking tools and techniques to create their pieces, including saws, drills, routers, and sanders. They may also use carving tools to give their pieces a more ornate look.

Wardrobe makers often specialise in a particular type of wardrobe, such as an armoire or wardrobe closet. Some wardrobe makers may also offer other services, such as installation and door replacement.

Wardrobe making is typically learned through an apprenticeship. Wardrobe makers should be good at math and good with their hands. They should also know how to read blueprints.

Wardrobe making is a physically demanding job, and wardrobe makers may be required to lift heavy objects. Wardrobe makers should also have knowledge of building codes and safety standards, as well as basic understanding of tools and materials.

Wardrobe makers typically work 40 hours a week in a workshop environment. Some wardrobe makers may need to work weekends or evenings due to busy periods.

Wardrobe making is a skilled trade that can take years to learn. People who are successful in this field typically have a passion for their work and take pride in their finished products.