• Local Attractions Local Attractions

    Please find herewith some helpful tourist information for you to utilize in your planning to visit our beautiful area, this is only a ‘snippet’ of the things that are out there!

    We are all excited that the Tallarook to Mansfield Rail Trail is now open and waiting for you!!

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  • Current Works Current Works

    Exciting developments at the KMR, our new Steam Locomotive is now well under way with the Boiler now complete and on display. 

    This is the only new Steam Locomotive built in Australia for 60 years!!

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  • The Line Described The Line Described

    The line climbs from bottom points, initially quite steeply, on the ruling gradient of 1 in 12.5 wending its’ way through tall trees.

    The journey continues along a precipitous track cut into the hillside, then upon reaching ‘Strath View Siding’ the grades eases to level.

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Our History

In the 1950s’ STEAM power was still ‘King” on the railways, and every boy dreamed of becoming an engine driver, such was the allure of the steam locomotive. Time passed by and so did the steam locomotive, the little boy of the 1950s’ would not be able to get a job as an engine driver of a steam locomotive, so time and reality had taken their toll!
In the 1970s’ ‘The Invincible Steam Tractor No 1’ was built closely followed by No. 2, 3 and 3A, this exercised ingenuity of the maker however, the dream to build a steam locomotive, was always there.  In 1978 the property that the KMR is now built on was purchased by Andrew and Jennifer Forbes, with the view to building the said railway and locomotive, time marched on and in 1987 a new shed was built to house the locomotive ‘of dreams’.
“The Invincible Steam Tractor’ had become derelict, and so had to be fully re-built in its’ 5th incarnation as No. 3B, then attention could be given to the steam locomotive!